Laketography - photo &video


We love photography. Any photography.....but especially photography in, on and around water. Mostly just as a hobby.  But if the right job comes along, we may be interested.  We take a hard look at all opportunities and accept a few....but mostly we just want people to enjoy our work. We dig a positive compliment on our Facebook page more than money but our fave is when someone buys a print on our Purchase page AND comments about it on our Facebook page.   We like you people the most.    


We've been doing it a long time but only recently decided to make it available publicly.  Check it out.  Share it or keep it to yourself but please enjoy it :)


You Want One for Keeps?

If there are any images you want to enjoy permanently get more details on our Purchase page.  Some of our stalker types order coffee cups, large posters and nice framed prints (the lady we saw at the lake wearing an apron with our sunset pic on it that she bought on our Purchase page made us smile).   We keep all the proceeds and spend every stinking nickel on more cameras or gas in the boat to go find some more images.  We've made a ton and blew it all on going after more. We promise not to save one dime of your money. 


We dig lakes, oceans, ponds or puddles.  We like high tide, low tide, sun up to sun down....clear into the night and we like half moon, full moon or storm chasing, way too cloudy and rainy to even see the moon. We sometimes do weddings and engagement parties or events of any kind, but especially at the lake.


We take requests thru our Contact page.  We "take" requests.  We don't always fulfill requests because some people are crazy LOL


We do photography and video but basically we do what we want, where we want, when we want and how we want.  We hope people enjoy it but since we do, we're not really worried about how many others do. We take our work very seriously but since most of this is a hobby we don't take ourselves very seriously. 

We want you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Flickr, watch us on Youtube and Google+, but the real action happens on our SmugMug page because that's where you buy stuff.   Or go to our Purchase page where we will ask you again to go to our SmugMug page to help us put gas in the boat going after the next pic you Purchase